‘Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.’-Marcus Buckingham

Over the years, we have been privileged to work with amazing talents who are on the forefront of being the change society needs. It’s no secret the world needs change makers, people who crave a better tomorrow and have the passion and zeal to see it through. At Nafisika, we are proud to work alongside people who are not only committed to grow professionally, but also contribute their time and talent in making prisons a place of hope and restoration.

Here’s the dream team, who so often shine a light in prison.

* ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * 

Wanjiku NjugunaNafisika office posters (4)I started out as a volunteer at Nafisika Trust after finishing my undergraduate studies and immediately felt welcomed throughout the office. My 28 students at Nairobi West Prison made me feel welcome, loved and valued, an experience I would not trade for anything. Upon completion of my five months, I found myself in a full-time opportunity working with an amazing organization, doing something I enjoy and progressing my career professionally and personally.There are no days that are similar, why? Because I plugged into everything and learned so much even in doing those ‘grunt-jobs’ that have made me well rounded, four years later.* ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * 

Jane Chao LucyNafisika office posters (8)

My time at Nafisika has been nothing short of interesting. There is always something new every day that challenges my perception of life and my intellect. Working in prison has helped me gain courage and patience whilst dealing with inmates and officers. Over the years, I have come to understand the corrections system, appreciate the dynamic interactions, economies and the paths that clients take towards growth and change.

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Njeri Njunge

Nafisika office posters (4)

Serving in prison has been a humbling experience. Inmates are great people who are ready to learn and have so much love to give. I go in as a teacher, but come out as the student. I enjoy baking a lot, and as we all know, this is something that can be turned into a business. Nafisika has provided a platform to bring innovation in my sessions. I let the inmates have fun while they bake, as it is also an opportunity to learn more about them as they open up. We train different recipes and as a result the inmates get top-notch skills in business and baking.Working here has helped me be on the fore-front of being a change-ambassador. I am a true believer of second chances and I can attest that there is change happening in the corrections system. It is my joy seeing hope restored in the lives of inmates and to see a flame once put out, re-ignite again.

“Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning” Desmond Tutu.

* ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * 

Wambui ThukuNafisika office posters (6)I have always loved community reach outs but never have I ever imagined serving in prison. Starting out as a volunteer in a girls’ rehabilitation center, my heart was drawn to making an impact through transfer of ideas and knowledge as an entrepreneurship and Arts trainer. Moving on to the adults’ prison, my perceptions and what the society has made us believe of inmates was greatly challenged. I had a 360° mind shift. I have engaged with individuals with established businesses and careers to those who are still figuring out their paths.Just like the rest of us, everyone strives to build his or her own life. It is the path you take that results to different experiences. As a business trainer I would love to see a surge of entrepreneurs influencing the growth of our economy, from the mama Mboga to the Hydroponic farmer who shared viable business plans. But if their attitude and character is not in check, they won’t have a progressive growth. To attain results from the impact imparted, our sessions have been as practical as possible giving the participants a level ground of learning.* ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * Nafisika office posters (9)


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