Civil Societies Changing the Faces of Prisons.

Prisons are to offenders what hospitals are to the sick. What a noble way to view the correctional facilities! If people suffering from contagious illnesses were to live in our midst without medical attention, then we would all contract the diseases. Again, from another perspective, if we went to the hospital, got admitted and stayed there without receiving treatment, wouldn’t we go back to the society with new, more resistant strains of infections and continue harming members of our community.



The allegory of the human mind is a mystery. Two individuals can be beleaguered by a similar predicament. Yet in one’s mind, there will be a reverberation of optimistic thoughts; while the other, may be spelled with doomed existence. Well, this is just a precedent of the prevailing thought processes of inmates. While many may […]

Refining Mental Health in Penal Institutions

So, here is the thing, for most of us, before we received insight on mental health, we probably envisaged mental health disorders, to somehow, be exclusively associated with people battling extreme psychiatric syndromes; or maybe, those who are at the brink of landing in a psychiatric hospital. Well, that might have some truth in it, […]


Life in prison is nothing close to a vacation, neither is it a wearied lifestyle breather. Rather, it is akin to being stuck in a pervasive atmosphere; for most inmates at least. Life in prison can be forbidding, to the extent of blurring the nature of reality. Life in prison is not rosy! But who […]

The Art of Knowing

Why do people allow their hope to wither away? There’s a misconceived perception that we are not capable enough to achieve what we desire in life. For inmates, restrained freedom coupled with stigma may easily be taken to be the lost essence of life. If this ‘weed’ is allowed to grow in the mind, it […]

The Internship

“What do you do, at Nafisika Trust?” A question that follows every time I tell someone I intern at the organization. After explaining to them what we do in detail, the response from most of them is  “What! So you train actual inmates?” “Like you seriously work with inmates?” “Oh my God! What is it […]


I love my country, I love my country people, but there are a few things that are honestly off. This is my point of view but I might also be speaking someone else’s mind. Are we country people happy? Are we living our best lives? How are we adjusting to the situations? “Is growth in […]


‘Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.’-Marcus Buckingham Over the years, we have been privileged to work with amazing talents who are on the forefront of being the change society needs. It’s no secret the world needs change makers, people who crave a better tomorrow […]