What is the impact of volunteering?

People choose to volunteer for different reasons. Volunteering offers someone a chance to give back to the community. It is also a chance to impact lives of people. Many people can attest that volunteering gave them a chance to develop knowledge and skill to grow their personal or career lives.

Today we will look at the impact of volunteering from a different perspective; what the beneficiaries say after receiving support from volunteers. Nafisika gives volunteers a chance to mentor adults and juveniles in conflict with the law.

We interviewed participants from our Imarika Entrepreneurship Course, Maisha Skills and baking course and here are their stories.

Kamae Borstal Girls’ Institute.

Joyce (pseudonym), an 18 year old girl from Nyeri and a mother of a two year old girl is serving her sentence at a Borstal Institution. She was arrested and convicted of child neglect. Since incarceration, Joyce has been very troublesome and is not able to communicate coherently with the officers. She has been caught crying and the officers are not able to understand what the problem is. The personal development classes have helped her develop her confidence and now she is able to communicate with her friends and also the officers. The officers have seen a big difference in how she conducts herself. Joyce has started to be more out spoken and she is now open to guidance and counselling. She is very hard working when it comes to baking and Nafisika hopes that the program will impact her even more.

Agnes, 18 years old, lived with her mother in Kiambu before arrest. She was convicted of truancy and drug abuse. Joyce is a victim of bad peer influence and that is the reason her parents reported her to the police. Agnes, in spite of being in a bad company, is an intellectual girl who has a very bright future. She is proactive in class and is keen to help her friends. The personal development class and baking class has helped her as she is in the process of finding her purpose and value. She has a goal of becoming a well-known makeup artist and stylist.

Nairobi Medium Prison

I am Alex Mukindo aged 25 years old. I have been in prison for two years now. Life in prison has not been easy for me because other areas of my life have paused. I have visions, goals and dreams like every other citizen.

I have come to appreciate liberty because without it life becomes limited. Without liberty, living is degraded to coping. In prison, life can become unbearable. It is difficult to make true friendship to share issues. When such emotional needs are barely met and the inner being dies slowly. There is need to develop strong personalities to enable inmates serve their sentence while rehabilitating successfully.

I would like to appreciate Nafisika Trust for walking with me. Before engaging in Nafisika’s programs I had a really negative perspective of life. I joined the training in a period when I used to see myself as a looser. I can see a lot of change in my life. Nafisika has sharpened my life such that after prison I can continue to live my life in a positive way.

I am very appreciative of the lessons Nafisika Trust representatives have given us. I feel that there are people out there who care about the welfare of inmates. It is amazing that we have educative and fun lessons in prison. I have become smart and knowledgeable especially in matters of drugs and substance abuse and putting together a business plan.

Lastly, I can say that I am glad to have Nafisika during my journey in prison. It has been a good experience working and learning with them; they have made a real change in my life. May God grant us more time together, am yearning to learn more and more skills from them even when I am out of prison.

Thika Women’s Prison

“It was on 10th September 2018 when we quarreled with my husband about family issues and he annoyed me so much. Out of bitterness I became so angry and I injured him. He went to the hospital and after two weeks he was discharged. After one month, he took me to court and I was convicted for three years for grievous harm.”

Here in prison I have met Nafisika people who have taught me about business and how to accept myself. I have learnt a lot about becoming a woman of noble character. In addition, I have learnt baking.

I have also gained more business skills through the Imarika Entrepreneurship course.  I was a business lady and after my imprisonment, I will run my business without any problems. I have also learnt to choose friends who will never fail me in my life.

Importantly, I am learning to control my anger. I have known that when someone annoys me, I STOP, THINK AND CHOOSE and instead of REACTING, I RESPOND. I will also be going to meet and teach people. I will also be doing baking for my family and selling extras.

Beneficiaries’ feedback is the fuel that drives a volunteer. We are glad to have collected some for you.

One thought on “What is the impact of volunteering?

  1. Vicki Wambura
    I see you have been faithful in your ministry.

    Please look up my Website

    These poems helped me by writing out my feelings.
    Maybe use them in your ministry.

    Prison of my Mind
    is an early eruption of pain written on my sofa one Sunday Morning.
    I am free in Jesus.

    I see you are doing well


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